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The twotime Ryder Cup player Per Ulrik Johansson will become your personal trainer who gives advice and inspiration on how to improve your short game. In 48 short, informative instructional videos he gives a variation of tips, useful for all players from beginners to more experienced.

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I started golfing near the end of 2010.  I quickly realized that instead of stressing out on a frustrating 18- hole round, I could improve my game & achieve more enjoyment by training on the range & practice green.
I read with ravenous appetite all the articles & tips on game improvement in both golf magazines & the newly purchased golfbook, I surfed around to find instructional golf videos on Youtube & other sites.Stevi_Anfi2
It became hard to remember & keep track of all the little details & instructions that I had read.
I often thought of taking the computer or a notebook to the course, but that felt both awkward & impractical.

That was when the idea of a mobile golf instruction app was born, an app that would contain the instructions from golfbook, magazines & web sites.
For my practice sessions, I could bring my iPhone with me & with the app, I could always have a personal trainer to clearly instruct me & develop my game step by step, a coach who never tired or cost too much.

Could this really be done?
With an excellent golf course nearby, a world renowned golfer neighbor & some old contacts in the IT industry, the pieces fell into place, in the fall of 2010 I started to develop my idea.
A clear vision of the app’s exact design & content were now in my head & in the coming months I sketched the concept.
I laid out everything from design, to content & functionality.
I worked on the exercises & wrote the script for every movie, I designed the storyboards for the videos content, every detail, down to the camera angles, was based on the finished product that I had envisioned.

During this time I traveled to several golf facilities in Europe & finally opted for the beautiful & spectacular ANFI TAURO GOLF in Gran Canaria.
In 2011, I started a company for the project & a team was hand-picked, including the app’s trainer, two time Ryder Cup player Per-Ulrik Johansson.
Since I do not have a clue about how to build an app, I also signed a highly qualified programming team.  During long meetings they diligently wrote down my wishes regarding the design & features.
Once the programmers were running with their work it was time to travel to Anfi Tauro with the team which now included a cameraman, sound technician, props assistant, a golf pro & myself.


Once in place, we got free access to the facility & excellent service thanks to it’s director, Francisco Bethencourt who made the decision to become one of our partners.
The filming began & we spent ten hectic days recording 48 films which in reality was a full 98 because every film was shot in two languages.
I was determined that the films to be completely in line with my original idea.
I was not willing to budge an inch from my vision regarding its form & content.
Once we got rolling it turned out that it was no easy task to convince an experienced cameraman & a golf pro that my ideas on exercises, script & camera angels would yield a good result.
After much blood, sweat & tears & of course a lot of support from Francisco, we managed to finish by our deadline.
I went home to Sweden to work with our talented photographer, Sebastian Klaren, to edit the movies & bring them to the format required for the app.
A month later the app was published on the Swedish App Store where it immediately became a success.
It was the most downloaded sports app for a long time & we received a great deal of publicity in the media.

I have put the international version on hold until I have the time to launch it to the world which we will start, on a small scale, in the summer of 2014.
My hope is that this app will spread joy & will be beneficial to golfers at all levels around the world.
I wish that this concept will bring something new to the sport & promote golf in its entirety.


Stefan Vestberg
Entrepreneur and Golf Fan