Golf Clinic

The twotime Ryder Cup player Per Ulrik Johansson will become your personal trainer who gives advice and inspiration on how to improve your short game. In 48 short, informative instructional videos he gives a variation of tips, useful for all players from beginners to more experienced.

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Happy Golf Clinic App Users


Tim Kite


Strongly recommended!



Brian Johnsson


The best golf app so far.





Im amazed how good this app is, I really improved my chip and pitch.
Now Im not afraid to make those shots anymore.





For sure this is a good app, I use it every time I practice my short game.





The app is good, but it would be better if there were just one donwnload.




Bogey man


The level test in each category helped me to understand what part of my game that I must improve.
In my case it was bunker and pitch, now I practice those shots much more, and it gives positive impact to my game over all.




Sonny Larson


The exercises are a challenge, and I really like to follow my progress in the graphs.




Jimmy Lin


After some time using this app I suddenly start to lower my score.
I do Chip -> One putt more often and “the ruler” helped me to hole 5 to 6 feet putts frequently.
Thanks for a well made and useful app.